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Dear Community,

Today Philipp Schardt, award-winning Music Producer, Musician and Guide within the 
Modern Mystery School shares an Article about the legendary David Bowie and 
his connection to the Kabbalah and the Mystery School Tradition. 

With the help of long-time Bowie friend and Founder of the 
Modern Mystery School, Gudni Gudnasson,
the Article features new insight into the 
great-mind and heart of the genius himself.

We hope you enjoy!

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DAVID BOWIE – Legend, Visionary Artist and Inspiration for so many People and Generations yet to come. His performances and creative genius was out-of-this world. Bowie was an embodiment of a true galactic being that has walked this earth and left us with such an enormous legacy of art, songs and melodies that will live and be with us until forever.

From ´Let´s Dance´ to ´Heroes´ to his lastest work of ´Black Star´ and ´Lazarus´. David Bowie was a Renaissance Man, a „jack of all trades“, so much more than ´just a Rockstar´. He effortlessly wore many other hats like that of an Actor, a Magician, a Japanese scholar, a Father, an Alien, a fashion icon, an Egyptian deity and so many more. Bowie could change his style and behaviour without any effort and reinvented himself hundreds, maybe thousands of times. But how did he manage to do embody all his greatness? Let´s find out…


Bowie said: “I am not a Rockstar, 
I am a Performer & Artist – first & last!”



Being a devoted and passionate Musician myself, I was always drawn to the inspiring, mystical & spiritual lives of my musical heroes and their biographies: From Sting to Jaco Pastorius, to Miles Davis and of course the great David Bowie. Wondering, how they could achieve and express such an out-of-this-world artistic expression and musical genius.

My Journey led me in the last 7 years ´deep down the rabbit hole´ through all kinds of eastern & western esoteric and spiritual traditions to find out what was going on within those geniuses and what made them so ´special´. Foremost again: Mr. Bowie. For me all that seeking came to an end and all somehow ´clicked´ and came together when I got ´Initiated´ into the same ancient Lineage and Tradition in London that also Bowie was part of. By the way, ´Initiation´ is a term that our mainstream society has almost completely lost or forgotten, even though the process by itself, is so deeply ingrained in our very being. To ‘initiate’ means to begin a process, to start something. Initiation sets forces in motion for your own personal metamorphosis, transformation, and spiritual journey. All of your own experiences and knowledge of our journey up to this point are only enhanced with the knowledge, keys, and energy that one receives at the „Empower Thyself: Program and Initiation“.

So allow me in the following article to share with you from all these Studies, Initiations, Activations, and Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Ascension Journeys that I received within the Ancient Mystery School Lineage through the „Modern Mystery School“ to give you as much insight possible and provide you with an easily understandable overview of what this is all about.

I will try to shed some light on the terminology and share with you some tools that can help you tap into your vast potential and connect to your highest spark for more empowerment. Being a Kabbalist and student of these ancient teachings now for several years, I ‘ll be trying to decipher as much as possible from Bowie´s Music based upon my own current level of understanding. Because the study and journey to “Knowing Thyself“ really never ends.


I could have not written this Article without the help of long-time Bowie Friend and Founder of the Modern Mystery School Gudni Gudnason. He shared some of their stories together when they both studied in the Late 60´- 70´s in the closed doors London Mystery School of the „Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn“, the “Alpha et Omega“. As well as in the 80’s in Sweden. Gudnasson and Bowie who were very close friends were deeply into hermeticism, alchemy, the nordic lore and of course kabbalistic Wisdom, Teachings and Arts.


For those of you who have never heard these words here is a brief summary of what it is:


Mystery Schools have been on this planet since the beginning of Time. The main reason for them is, that we Humans have always wanted to know and understand more, as this life produces so many Mysteries: Such as Life and Death, Love & Birth, ‘Where Did I Come From’ or ‘Where Am I Going’. We had the need to understand these things. Socrates, Plato or Pythagoras are just a few of the ancient Mystery School Initiates that have brought humanity forward with their progressive insight. As in the ancient and nowadays the “Modern Mystery School“ you study these deep mysteries and the essence of what it really means being human. You receive empowering tools through classes and initiations for every day to center and align yourself with your true purpose and empower yourself to overcome anything that holds you back to pursue it. It helps those who really want to live their fullest potential and solve the question of all: “Who Am I?“


(Hebrew: to receive) is the study of life and how to live life to the fullest. The hermetic and universal teachings of Kabbalah transcend every religion or dogma and go to the very core of how to live life fully alive. It helps to overcome our negative-ego while clearing all that holds us back to live our innate potential. Kabbalah is centered around the ancient and sacred geometric glyph: the Tree of Life. A highly divine and sacred symbol consisting of circles, squares and triangles, numbers, and letters.

It is by far the most complete and applicable system for grounding our greatest spiritual potential within the physical.


is an ancient spiritual, philosophical, and magical tradition based primarily upon writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus (“the thrice-greatest Hermes“). Some date it back over 8000 years. It is a path of spiritual growth, goodness and enlightenment through the mind. It asserts that all humans have an inherent spark of divine power within us. It´s famous maxim ´As Above, so Below. As Within, So without´ is widely known and one of the 7 Hermetic Principles.


work perfectly Hand in Hand as they both build on the same universal truths: We are all eternal & spiritual beings that carry within a unique puzzle-piece that is a key for the building of “Shamballah“ as it is called in the eastern tradition or ´Heaven on Earth´. We are all here on a journey together to reclaim our “crown“ and become one with the divine by doing our “great work“ within this world.


“Bowie always said: Life is an Illusion, so I never show my true self on stage, it’s the illusion that makes me an Artist!



As Gudni Gudnasson reveals Bowie has been all his life a High Initiate and worthy Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon, through the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – by the time the Alpha et Omega in London. He took no drugs, and he never even smoked. It was more a role he took on. Everything we see is a facade. A front side of a performer – a mask! According to some, it is also said that David Bowie appeared in the Streets of London in the late ´60s with a Saxophone under his arm. And no one really knew where that 1,80m guy came from. So was he maybe really an Alien? Who knows, but it is said that beyond the different eye color of Bowie´s eyes that they “were not from this world“.


The Core Hermetic Ray Kabbalistic Teachings are about to ´break one’s own box and create a new, bigger one´ that is more in alignment with our original divine spark. This means that we start an alchemical process within us, that sheds light on all parts of our being, so we can see what serves us and what does not serve us. The more we become aware of these parts that hold us back, be it thought patterns, limiting believes, or negative emotions, the more we have a choice to choose differently and what is more in alignment with our heart and ´great work´ and live our true purpose in life. This process is not easy all the time and it takes courage as we are breaking a pattern of ourselves that we believed is true – yet we feel that it is not right. So working with the Kabbalistic Tree of life in the Mystery School tradition is about aligning oneself with our Original Divine Blueprint.

So where can we find Kabbalah etc. in Bowie´s Songs, Artwork and Videos? Let me show you, here we go:


Here are we, one magical moment 
Such is the stuff, from where dreams are woven 
Bending sound, dredging the ocean 
Lost in my circle 
Here am I, flashing no color 
Tall in this room overlooking the ocean 
Here are we, one magical movement 
From Kether to Malkuth 
There are you drive like a demon 
From station to station


Bowie has written in his song STATION TO STATION explicitly about the ancient kabbalistic glyph the TREE OF LIFE: The Tree of Life consists of 10 Spheres. In Hebrew, they are called „Sephiroth“ (singular Sephira). These Sephiroth are the 10 so-called „emanations of the divine“. It is a precise map of our consciousness from the seat of our thoughts and emotions, our past and subconscious, love & will and so much more up to our highest Spark. It is a map of our Body, Soul, and our Spirit. So when Bowie speaks about „Station“ in his Song from 1976 he really is talking about these Sephiroth. („Here are we, one magical movement From Kether to Malkuth“) The words Kether and Malkuth are the highest and lowest Sephiroth on the Tree of Light. Kether, in Hebrew meaning Crown, is the top of the Tree and Malkuth is the bottom of the tree, meaning Kingdom. Something I´d invite you to ponder: It said that Malkuth is in Kether and Kether is in Malkuth. That Statement alone is worth Meditating upon for some days. Here you can also connect the hermetic axiom “As above, so below. As below, so above.“ Also, on the cover and booklet of the 1976 record, you can see David drawing the Tree of Life Glyph on the wall and the ground. 


In the ancient Mystery School Tradition, it is never about ´just gathering more knowledge´. It is more about living and applying what you have been given and learned so it becomes an embodied Wisdom. This makes it different to pure faith-based religion, other spiritual traditions, or the “new age´ism“. So when we start drawing the Tree of Life, which is the very essence of our DNA, its Sacred Geometry Pattern allows us to study the deepest essence of our own being. We create new neuropathways and rewire our brain by contemplating on this ancient glyph. The more we ultimately ´become´ the tree, the more we come closer to our true essence.

Exercise: Do it yourself! Take the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and just draw it on a piece of paper or like David with chalk on the ground. Start with the lowest Sephiroth (Circle/Sphere) and draw the other 9 Circles. From 10 to 1. Make it a meditation. Breath. Observe and see what comes up for you in your mind, emotions. How do you feel? Journal after the exercise. You might want to do it more than once. This is, can be a first step to connect to the energies and uplifiting and healing power of the tree of life.

BLACK STAR (2016) 

„In the villa of Ormen,
in the villa of Ormen 
Stands a solitary candle, ah ah, ah ah 
In the centre of it all, in the centre of it all 
Your eyes 
On the day of execution, on the day of execution 
Only women kneel and smile, ah ah, ah ah 
At the center of it all, at the center of it all


In his final Album from 2016 Bowie speaks in BLACK STAR in abstract lyrics and metaphors about things like „the Villa of Ormen“, „a solitary candle“ or „the day of execution“. But what does that really mean and why is he wearing the same costume as in the Artwork of STATION TO STATION? Lets find it out…

This song is not directly about Kabbalah but talks about a very special Candle that is been used in the ancient arts of Hermetic and Ceremonial Magick. Bowie´s Friend Gudni Gudnason says: „When David visited me in 1983 in my Light & Kabbalah Center in Sweden which I had from 1982 – 1991 in Sweden, he was freaked out about a single candle (“Stands a solitary candle“), that I left on ALL THE TIME in my Temple. It´s called an “Enochian Flame“. The Center was called Ormens Layer (“In the villa of Ormen“). Ormen means snake or dragon, referring to the Fenris Wolf of the Viking tradition. It looked more like a snake or a dragon than a wolf. Gudnason: “We often talked about the old Viking tradition. He was fascinated by it. The day of Execution (“On the day of execution“) in the Song BLACK STAR describes the day of RITUAL and the women are the Etheric Circle of Goddesses (“Only women kneel and smile“) when we do Rituals. He always said to me that my eyes were more beautiful than his… even he was famous for his two-colored eyes. (“Your eyes Your eyes“) I miss him“. 

AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT: So what can we now learn from all this?

The key is in the right Question. 
And the Question of them all:
“Who Am I?”

Exercise: Allow yourself for a moment to let the following questions sink in: What if your life is a big reflection of your own inner world and beliefs? What if there is a way to study this reflection and overcome your limiting beliefs so you will ultimately be able to live what you have been dreaming of? Also finally discovering the “why“ you have been holding yourself back for all those years and remembering, that it´s only through our AWARENESS that we really can really change something. To go deeper, I´d invite you to close your eyes, take a breath and ask yourself the question: “Who Am I?”. Really observe what comes up for you, even if it is just you thinking: “What am I doing here?”. Allow it, don´t judge yourself and observe it. Now take another breath  and ask yourself again: “Who Am I?” Observe and  also FEEL the energy of the present moment. There answer or feeling might be different now. You might feel, that there is something “going on” within you: mentally, emotionally or physically. You might even feel a little tingling sensation in your body or also that there is more energy now available to you. Whatever it is, take note and try this exercise for some days or weeks. And let us know, how that has been going for you. Congratulations, you have just opened up to become more aware of your greater potential!


Has studying the deeper mysteries of life, and what it means to be human been the secret wisdom, power, and foundation, David Bowie needed for his never-ending creative freedom, legacy, and expression? I would say, OF COURSE!

Remember: We are always limited by our own beliefs and programming. So the more you understand yourself, being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and triggers in life, the more you will be able to align your life to a higher and more authentic frequency.

Through my own Journey within this Lineage, I could gain a lot of Inner clarity & stability, peace as well the deepest sense of purpose of my life, that I have not found anywhere else after years of seeking. Being a creative person, music producer, and musician myself I have found that all the ancient tools from Sacred Geometry to the Empower Thyself: Initiation helped me to get out of my head and flow more effortlessly my best art and music possible. It really is magic that empowers YOU to do, what you are here to do.

My Advice for those who already feel ready: Start with the 1-on-1 “Life Activation“ and the “Empower Thyself: Initiation & Training“ where you receive the foundation, methods, and tools to open the inner doors in the most grounded way to your highest spark so you become a living embodiment of your greatest potential.


A big THANK YOU to Founder Gudni Gudnasson for sharing all his stories and anecdotes with us. Without you, this article wouldn´t have been possible and couldn´t have brought so much more insight to David Bowie and his fascinating life and legacy.

Thank you all for taking the time with me and reading this article. I hope you could get a deeper understanding of the heart and mind of Mr. David Bowie. If you enjoyed it, and it kindled the flame within your chest, message me and I am happy to answer your questions, let you know any further steps or book a free private consultation. The “Life Activation“ and “Empower Thyself: Initiation“ are available through certified Guides and Practitioners around the globe who can assist you with these empowering tools.

Peace and Love to you 
Trust in your True-Self. 


P.S.: For all those who want to connect and feel the Energies of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, together with Dr. Theresa Bullard (Los Angeles), host of the GAIA.TV show “Mystery Teachings“ and International Instructor within the Modern Mystery School, I have created the KABBALAH CHANTS, a musical meditation journey through the “Tree of Life” with brainwave entrainment and healing sound frequencies. You can check it out at www.kabbalahchants.com



Philipp Schardt is a Guide, Healer, Teacher, and Ritual Master in the lineage of King Salomon within the Modern Mystery School . Philipp has a passion for empowering people to fulfill their dreams and live their potential. Living between Los Angeles and Germany, Philipp has helped thousands of people from all walks of life around the world, including top Hollywood actors, NFL Football Pro’s, Forbes Top 100 Entrepreneurs to social workers and scientists with his Classes, meditations, and inner clarity events to create more sustained inner peace, clarity about one’s own purpose, and giving lasting self-confidence by helping solve the biggest question we have as humans: “who am I?”.

Philipp Schardt is also an award-winning gold and platinum music producer and Artist that has taught at many of world´s leading music universities and has released a number of albums. 

Together with Dr. Theresa Bullard (Los Angeles), host of the GAIA.TV show “Mystery Teachings“ and Senior Guide within the Modern Mystery School, he has created the KABBALAH CHANTS, a musical meditation journey through the “Tree of Life” with brainwave entrainment and healing sound frequencies.

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