Healing your triggers…

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Dear Community,

As we focus on balance in all aspects of our lives, Yadiksha shares insights about healing your triggers.


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Healing your triggers….

Triggers can keep you stuck in your life and lead you to suppression. it is important to have an awareness of our triggers so we can heal them and not allow these triggers to control our lives…

The importance of healing our triggers:

‘A trigger is the connection between the conscious mind and a buried painful memory’

If you haven’t healed it, every time you think about a negative event from your past, your body produces the exact same chemicals in the body when it happened…

That means you relive the experience hundreds of times simply because you have not let go…

Finding the cause of your triggers supports you in identifying how your triggers made you feel:
  • I felt unheard

  • I felt unsafe

  • I felt judged 

  • I felt disconnected

  • I didn’t felt hurt 

  • I felt I couldn’t speak up

  • I didn’t feel good enough 

  • I felt powerless

  • I felt left out 

  • I felt like it was unfair

  • I felt blamed

  • I felt uncared for

  • I felt unloved

  • I felt controlled

  • I felt betrayed

  • I felt unimportant

  • I felt disrespected

When we are able to express how our triggers made us feel, we are able to come to peace by addressing our triggers with a younger version of ourselves who may have felt _______, we can find forgiveness and heal so that we are free from this trigger and move forward in our lives.

It is our responsibility to heal our triggers so we can live our fullest potential and strive towards freedom. When we hold on to our triggers and suppress healing, we create a separation, we create this notion ‘ I’m justified, I’m right ‘ and our negative ego takes a win. However when we commit to doing the work and let go of everything that does not serve us, this is when we become better versions of ourselves.

Within the Modern Mystery School, is a path of initiation to know thyself… When we know ourselves, we become aware of our triggers and we can heal ourselves resulting in living our fullest potential and focusing on our purpose in life…

There will be times where we don’t like things about ourselves and that’s ok because we have the ability to heal and become better. Healing our triggers is not an easy task however it is the most rewarding as you let go of extra baggage you may have been carrying for a long time.

What is most important to remember is that we must be kind and patient with ourselves… so we can overcome our challenges and rise up to our best selves, we are not striving for perfection, instead we are becoming better versions of ourselves than we were the day before…

“We attract into our lives what we are” – so make sure you are spending more time focusing on the positives, on your goals and avoid spending too much energy in avoiding triggers or emotions that arise. A great question to ask ‘What is this trying to teach me ?’ or ‘ What can I take away from this experience?’

Move forward in Joy…

Happy Healing ❤️

Final tips to heal your triggers:

  • Awareness of triggers

  • Identify how the trigger made you feel

  • Think of a time when a younger version of yourself felt the same

  • Converse with your younger self include expression

  • Find forgiveness if appropriate

  • Surrender your trigger

  • Find gratitude to the person or situation/ or trigger 

  • Meditate and draw more love through your heart chakra Click here

Recommendations if you are needing support: (when we emerge from this pandemic)

  • Negative cord cut & negative emotional release

  • Life Activation Session

  • Empower Thyself class

  • Kabbalah Acension Program

Love and light to you

About Yadiksha Hari

Formerly from South Africa and living in the UK for 13 years. Having a medical background, Yadiksha explored several methods of healing to gain joy, balance and empowerment in her life. 

Yadiksha is a teacher, guide and healer in the Modern Mystery School in the lineage of King Solomon. 

The lineage teachings and healings opened doorways within her to finding her gifts that she now shares with the world , she uncovered her passion and life purpose and most importantly found herself through letting go of everything that did not serve her and lives her life to her fullest potential! 

Yadiksha serves humanity by handing down tools and teachings to women’s shelters, hospitals and internationally.

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