How do you use your power? Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius-June 5th, 2020

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Dear Community,

As we focus on discerning the way forward , Aleks shares insights about some of the astrological influences to consider, including a great visualisation to balance the rays of Will and Love within!


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How do you use your power? Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – June 5th, 2020

Have you ever felt the energy of an oncoming astrological event before it happens? Have you ever watched society react to the impulses just ahead of their appearance? Right now, is just one of those times where the energy of an upcoming influence is so potent, it reveals itself in all its grandeur.

What is the event that’s making such a world-wide stir?


Friday June 5th, 2020 is the date to be exact and it will last from 1:45pm to 5:04pm (Eastern Time). Like many eclipses, those of us in North America will be missing out on viewing it because the Moon will be below the horizon. But take heart – this is a penumbral eclipse which means that the Moon will simply be a darker shade of colour rather than being entirely eclipsed.

Now, we may not see the eclipse but that doesn’t mean 
that its energies aren’t being felt! And to be honest, I feel like they were being felt AHEAD of time. The death of George Floyd, the protests and all the themes that underlay that horrific act of cruelty are also swelled by the nature of this Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. These themes will remain with us until the next Lunar Eclipse which takes place in the sign Capricorn on July 5th.

Is there Love for all in your heart?

Since it’s a Lunar Eclipse, that means that it is also the Sagittarius Full Moon and in the tradition of Esoteric Astrology, it is known as the Full Moon of the Christos and is titled World Invocation Day. The Great Invocation is a beautiful prayer that was written by Alice Bailey as channeled by Djwhal Khul, a Tibetan Master. Its main message is about the “plan of peace” working out on Earth – something that we could desperately use during these times.

As this is a Lunar Eclipse though, this astrological event highlights how desperately we are missing the energy of the Christos (Christ was originally a word that meant soul, not a religious title). Esoteric Astrology holds that the Christos works with the 2nd Ray of Creation – the Ray of Love/Wisdom. Since Lunar Eclipses reflect our inner world and workings, this is a time to root out your prejudices. It’s easy to say that you love and accept all. But those are just words, what this eclipse is asking is:

Do your actions reflect the love and respect you claim to have for other human beings?
It’s easy to say that you’re not racist, but if no one is racist (or prejudiced in any way), then how do societal structures become so systematically polluted? And unless any of you reading this is a politician with major sway in organizations like the law and policing, the only contribution I can provide is the opportunity for myself (and you of course) to reflect on how we can approach our actions differently to match the care for human life that I know resides at the heart of each and everyone of you.

Have you balanced your Will with Love and Wisdom?

At the beginning of the year in the 2020 Astrology Forecast, I discussed the use of power being a major focus or component of the year. This Lunar Eclipse is highlighting the issue by forcing all of us to look at the relationship of the 2 primary Rays of Creation in our lives.

The 1st Ray is known as the Ray of Will/Power. Its essence is the ability to create or destroy.

The 2nd Ray is known at the Ray of Love/Wisdom. Its essence is to unite and build.

In general, as human beings we hold so little of the 1st Ray because the pollution of the mind makes it such a destructive force in our lives. Unfortunately, those who seek to grasp this ray stronger tend to not only do so, but to find themselves in positions of power that make its use even more destructive. But the misuse of these rays is not limited to those who are in positions of authority. To have too much of one or the other is equally detrimental.

If you look at the diagram above, too much of either Ray leads to suffering – either you suffer at the hands of others or they suffer at your hands. And with this Lunar Eclipse forming a T-square with Mars in Pisces, it’s easy to feel like a victim right now. Mars is the planet that we would most strongly associate with empowerment and strength. When Mars is in Pisces (the sign of downfall), some of that fighting spirit gets lost in feeling sorry for yourself.

But if you look internally there are always times and situations where we allow ourselves to wallow in victimhood needlessly. Creating excuses or obstacles to change your situation or blaming it exclusively on others does nothing for you. The truest way to embrace empowerment if you sit on the victim side of the scale is to be as equally loving of yourself as you are of others. How self-love expresses itself is by taking whatever actions you can to better your situation – there is always (at least) 1 thing you can do for yourself, even if that 1 thing is simply changing your perspective.

Conversely, the abuse of power comes when we overly value and grasp at the ray of Will/Power. Your needs or desires become more important than the needs, desires (or even well-being) of others. We’ve given a name to these types of people – we call them narcissists. The lack of empathy with which they wield their power and authority over “the people below them” can cause tragedies like the one in Minneapolis (and in every city in North America to be honest).

But overemphasis of the Ray of Will/Power is not always brought on by personality choices either. Remember that as spiritual beings, we are in a process of growth and whenever you occupy positions of power or authority, you must remember that you are wielding this ray and it magnifies your relationship with power. The more authority you hold, the greater the magnification from the 1st Ray.

Let’s not forget though that these 2 rays all originate from the very source of the universe – from the En Sof. If we look at them in their origin (without our human pollution), they are part of the forces of creation that result in our manifested universe, filled with all the wonders of physics and tangible matter that we enjoy. And one day, as they have emanated from the En Sof, we too will be able to wield them to create such wonders.

On that day, Love will temper Power to become true service and Power will infuse Love with strength to make it far-reaching and effective.

But we’re not there…yet. At the invitation of this Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, we can take a few steps closer though, so let’s do that!

Visualization to Balance the Rays of Will and Love:

Here is a little exercise that you can do to balance these 2 Rays within yourself. I recommend doing it before and after the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, but this is something that you can continue to do. Our relationship to these 2 Rays is dynamic and checking in with ourselves occasionally, and repeating this exercise is a good way to keep yourself balanced and empowered.

  • Set the space around you to be comfortable and supportive of meditation. Open the windows for fresh air, dim the lights or close the curtains, have some light instrumental music playing in the background – these are all great ways to prepare your space for effective meditation/visualization.

  • Allow your body and mind to relax. Just focus on your breathing for a few minutes and allow whatever has happened in your day to float away with your breath.

  • Visualize 2 Rays pouring into the Crown Chakra. One is red, the other is blue. Take a few moments and simply feel them.

  • Focus on the red ray – this is the ray of Will/Power. Feel your response and relationship to it. Allow yourself to sync with the purity of this ray.

  • Now, focus on the blue ray – this is the ray of Love/Wisdom. Feel your response and relationship to it as well and sync with the purity of this ray too.

  • Take a moment to pray here to the source of all creation – to the En Sof and ask that these rays may be balanced within you and watch as they adapt themselves into balance. Allow this process to happen – don’t force it.

  • As the 2 rays have come into balance, watch as they interact and support each other harmoniously. See them intertwine, braid, weave, and play. Watch this light show of distinct red and blue rays as they penetrate your Crown Chakra.

  • As you feel balanced, take a few minutes to pray. Pray that your power may always be used for the goodness of yourself and others. Pray that your power may be in service to those who need it. Pray that your power may be a source of strength and an inspiration to others to embrace their power too.

Closing Thoughts on the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse:

If you only walk away with one thing from this article, let it be this:

We are all responsible for how we use our power – so temper the forces of power within you that you may always create goodness.

With the alchemical visualization above, you can temper the rays of Will/Power and Love/Wisdom within yourself and now more than ever, there is the invitation and reminder to do so. On World Invocation Day, we are reminded to help the plan of peace work out in the world and so long as any of us are using power unjustly, the plan of peace cannot manifest.

Let’s temper ourselves from within so we have the strength to deal with the damage that both the abuse of power and victimization cause. None is holier than the other and if large-scale, systemic change is to happen, neither of these ends of the spectrum will accomplish the goal. Only when Love tempers Power, and Power is in service to Love will we be able to hold those large institutions and the individuals responsible for their management accountable for their actions.

So, let’s quickly recap the “real world” themes of the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse:

  • Ensuring your actions are in alignment with your respect for ALL human life

  • Balancing the Rays of Will/Power and Love/Wisdom within yourself

  • From that balanced and empowered state, holding larger institutions and their constituents responsible for their abuse of authority and power

  • From that balanced and empower state, encouraging victims to embrace the actions that lead to a better life for themselves

For the sake of real justice, let’s balance these powers within ourselves so that everything we say, think and do creates goodness in the world!

Wishing you all the empowerment that Love, and Power bring together!


About Aleksandra Ceho

Aleksandra’s love for Astrology started in childhood.  Upon discovery of her grandfather’s collection of astrology books, she was hooked! 
Since that time, she has become a Teacher and Guide with the Modern Mystery School and is also privileged to hold the title of Wiccan High Priestess. Aleksandra loves how powerfully true astrology and spirituality align lives with greater abundance, success and love.  It is exactly this empowerment that she seeks to bring to others .Based out of Toronto, Canada Aleksandra has had the privilege of traveling around the world teaching Astrology in the Mystery School Lineage.

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