Quick Guide to Manifesting

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But what is manifesting ?

We do it every single second of the day but mostly are not conscious of it. It simply is what we are creating in our daily life. Everything around you has been manifested. It starts with a thought and from there we bring into reality. Let’s take the house or building you live in. An architect created that building from his/her imagination. They thought about it long and hard, then they drew up plans to give to the builders who would actually make it. Our goal is to manifest what we want and when we want it.

It’s a huge subject which many have written endless books on but to get you started I wanted to give you 6 points to help you manifest that are quick and easy.

Number 1: RELAX – relax every part of your body, spend 5-10 minutes every day just relaxing each body part. Say it our loud for full effect. Feet Relax, Feet Relax, Feet Relax. Command your body and it will respond. When we are tense or have anxiety our mind begins to get cluttered, we do not focus on what we want, rather we focus on what is stressing us out!

Number 2: Empty your cup. Imagine a river flowing through your mind, place the thoughts into the river and let them GO! Even if they are good thoughts allow them to leave. We limit ourselves by holding onto an idea or concept that we have created in our mind. If we let it go, when it comes back it will be bigger, greater and stronger

Number 3: Open your chakras. All chakras must be open and flowing. Even if you don’t know what chakras are you can still do this exercise. Chakras correlate to parts of the body and each has a certain task. Let’s say that chakras are like people, the message from our mind that we wish to manifest (in this case let say, to buy flowers) passes from one to another until it gets to the end, then it can be acted upon. If the message gets stopped because one person is asleep or hasn’t listened properly the message can be acted upon at the end, in our example, no flowers will be brought.

Root – at the base of the tailbone

Hara – just below the belly button

Solar Plexus – between the heart and the belly button

Heart – in the centre of the breastplate

Throat – throat 3rd Eye – in between the physical eyes

Crown – top of the head Imagine a blue ball being pushed out of the front of the chakra and then out of the back. Do this exercise slowly until all chakras are open and flowing.

Number 4: Have a goal. Pick something you want to happen, draw it, paint it , write about it, act it out.. writing it down anchors it in. Do this every day or as soften as you like in different ways – have fun with it !

Number 5: Be good to others. You may think this is random but the flow of energy that you have coming and going into your life will carry your ideas and determine how powerful they are/ how quickly they will manifest. Do nice things for people, help others with not expecting anything in return, find JOY in it. Don’t do it because you have to. Choose something that you enjoy. If you like walking, ask an old/physically challenged person if you can get their groceries, if you like art, hold an art class for anyone that wants to join you. If you like movies, take someone to the movies with you who may not have been able to afford a trip to the cinema.

Number 6: Believe you can do it. I left this to last, as you will need to do all of the above and repeat a few times before you really believe it, we often have that negative voice telling us all the ways we can fail and this in truth is what stops that flow or the manifestation of the wonderful things we have imagined.

If we do the above we can clear those thoughts and we can start to shift into a different mindset that will allow us to achieve all that we desire.

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