Why action speaks louder than words in a kids world

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Do as I say and not as I do .. ?

For us oldies we may remember our parents saying ‘just do as i say not as i do’ that is when we were cheeky enough to mention that we noticed they were telling us to behave a certain way when in fact they didn’t behave that way  !

Its quite the opposite in Kids Yoga as we teach children by DOING not telling as this the MOST effective way of a child learning from us. Yes you got it, a small child learns by mimicking what they see around them.

In psychology it is called modelling or conditioning and we touched on this in our last blog . Of course we all behave according to our surroundings, the people that we are with, and how safe we feel. Children are no different. It is our job as grownups to help children be positive and happy in life, and if they see us stressed and unhappy it very unlikely that they will be positive and happy in their life’s.

So how do we do this when often our life’s are so stressful, fast paced?

Kids yoga is one way we can achieve this goal.


You see, in any kids yoga class our main objective is to have fun and to be kind to one another. So here we set the precedent. When designing the Mini Me Yoga Programs and classes I wanted to make sure that we could show children activities and games that they could mimic in their everyday life to bring them joy, calmness, peace, happiness anytime they felt they needed it based on this observation. But I knew that the kids wouldn’t do this if us grownups just told them to do it,  they needed to watch their parents or teachers being positive and being happy for this to really take effect. The 2hr workshop for grownups was born and the results were amazing..

I found that when doing these practices with a parent they were so much more effective and even more effective when done on a regular basis. In the classroom or home are equally as good.

Not only do we instill fun practices which are foundational life skills into a daily routine but It also helps children to see that those they trust are asking them to DO as they DO, NOT  do as as they SAY.

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