Bite Size Magick … bites back

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I can’t tell you how many times this has come up in discussions, people often to say  ‘it isn’t the right time’ or ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ when things don’t go their way or they feel uncomfortable. Some new age systems suggest that if there is any resistance or an obstacle in the way of doing something you want, then it isn’t the right time and you should just accept it, move on and find an easier way…

….hmmm lets just think about this for a moment. I wonder if successful business owners just accept it, someone tells them no and they say ‘ok i guess it just wasn’t the right time’ Im not sure many of them would be in business for very long. Entrepreneurs say ‘ok, what do i need to do to make this work, and they find 10 others ways to make it happen .. if after those 10 attempts they may decide to take a new approach and look at what they actually want to achieve so they can still get to their end goal. What about athletes, they don’t stop training because it hurts, it feels very uncomfortable, or they they feel exhausted mentally an emotionally. They don’t not turn up or turn up late to a training or an event because it’s raining and their car broke down, the plan way ahead to make sure all angels are covered. Can we imagine if the great explorers of the world had decided not to carry on because everyone was saying it wasn’t possible or these places didn’t even exist, or they felt scared or uncomfortable or they feel stretched, did they stop at the many obstacles   … no they didn’t!

All these people have one thing in common… they MOVE the obstacle or plan a way to get around it !

We are extremely powerful, we have the ability to move any obstacles that stand in our way, once we manifested the potential to achieve greatness we then have to take ACTION and make it happen, come rain or shine. Just because you created the potential to achieve something it doesn’t mean thats it. Don’t let anyone or anything dictate what path you choose, its our responsibility to push through the hard times. We must keep climbing that mountain, you don’t know where the summit is, you just keep climbing, your limbs are aching, your exhausted and you can’t see that the summit is only 10 feet away you want to give up but something inside pushes you on, that is your drive, your will when everything else is screaming NO, don’t go on, but you do and you are rewarded with the summit view just a few hours later !!!

This is an example of how life will try and throw obstacles and how you will need to go beyond your limitations to reach your goals. 

This is the training we experience on path in the Mystery School lineage each time we step up for the next part of our journey, the next shift in our awareness, the next class we go to take. The obstacles are there for us to push, for us to earn that next level of understanding that we are powerful beings that can create what we want. 

In the Mystery School we start this training of how to remove obstacles through initiation, just like many of the greats such as Sir Winston Churchill, Nicole Tesla, Sir Issac Newton.


In the ancient Mystery School teachings we say that Magick can only happen when you feel uncomfortable … this is truly where change happens.




Dr Kate Bartram Brown



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