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Yadiksha shares an interesting topic on  ‘Born from love and letting love in..  ‘ below, including a short exercise on forgiveness on how to let love in… 
I hope you are keeping well. 


It is pain and hurt that creates a wedge between you and your ability to love and be loved.
The love a mother has for her child is really the first experience that we get to experience love in physicality…

Her connection to her child begins during all trimesters, however perhaps the love existed when your mum was a little girl and whilst playing with her dolls she dreamt of having her own child, and that thought created in her imagination manifested when she grew up and matured into a woman. That innate nature of love, caring and nurturing was always there, perhaps passed down from her mum to her. No thing can break that strength of love…

This love goes far beyond a mum and a child, as your birth into this love is most significant and perhaps your mum was just a vessel in bringing this love – you – love into the physical…

‘ Spritual beings having a physical experience…’

Somehow as we grow up, we forget that love, we walk away from that love, and try to create a foundation from what we think we know… 

This foundation is never going to be solid, its going to fall apart at some point. Its going to be further broken down as we try to resist it falling apart.

We will fight to keep it together to the very end, because we just don’t give up , we try everything to make this foundation work for us but it tries to show us that our old way needs to be replaced by our birth right of creating with love and that is remembering how we were created and nurtured – LOVE.

Resistance will bring us all kinds of emotions, however when we let go and allow Love in , we flow, we create , we are joyful and abundant.

It is of no use to us to carry this emotional baggage, in the end we know better to forgive and let go because we reclaim our power to heal through forgiveness.

Your mother may have done the best she could with the resources she had at the time, it was through her that love resided, you were created and experienced love as a child. Because with love comes care and if you were not cared for, you would not be alive today.

As Mother Theresa said ‘The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.

Close your eyes and imagine a time in your life when you felt loved, you truly experienced this unconditional love. Open your eyes and start creating with this love…

Love is present always whether it be a ‘spiritual love or your mothers love’, you just have to look deep within and connect with this love. We can sometimes forget this love and that’s ok, this love is never going away…

Have you ever tried not loving a baby ? this may be proof that love does not escape us…

However we escape love as we grow up, and we try to create our life without this love, we fail , we try again until we heal the escape from love…

Take some time to contemplate Love in your life, perhaps identify it by seeing it, feeling it, knowing it, hearing it , sensing it, smelling it, tasting it and lastly appreciating it…

If your mum is no more , be grateful for this amazing gift of love that you carry in your heart – omnipresent, if your mum is still present in your life, thank her for her love, and if you are a mum, may your kids feel this love always… 

Let us celebrate birth, creation , manifestation of knowing ourselves and our birth right to this LOVE.

Love and light to you
Yadiksha 💕

Invite more love into your life:

  • Wear or keep a rose quartz/ amethyst crystal near your bedside

  • Connect with nature , Mother Earth – Gardening, walking or meditating in nature

  • Inhale/ wear lavender /Rose oil (dry rose petals or dried lavender + add olive oil)

  • Spend more time with kids

  • Listen to music that nurtures your soul

  • Connect to your heart by listening to this exercise on forgiveness Click here

  • 💕Let Love in (spiritual love, divine love, mothers love, self love ) all becomes one love – You 

About Yadiksha Hari

Formerly from  South Africa and living in the UK for 13 years. Having a medical background, Yadiksha explored several methods of healing to gain joy, balance and empowerment in her life. 

Yadiksha is a teacher, guide and healer in the Modern Mystery School in the lineage of King Solomon. The lineage teachings and healings opened doorways within her to finding her gifts that she now shares with the world , she uncovered her  passion and life purpose and most importantly found herself through letting go of everything that did not serve her and lives her life to her fullest potential! 

Yadiksha serves humanity by handing down tools and teachings to women’s shelters, hospitals and internationally.

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