Epigenetics, can we really recreate our DNA and cure stress related issues in children

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Mental and emotional behavior isn’t predetermined by genetics Epigenetics which means ‘control above the genes’ is the science of how environmental signals select modify and regulate gene activity. (Lipton, 2008, p. xv)

We have the power to change our DNA. Ancient systems have known this for thousands of years. In some systems, the belief that we are an aspect of God and that we are all one, would mean we would have the ability to do this. Quantum Healing supports this theory as the ground of all being is consciousness. However, the study of epigenetics has given the scientific community a new meaning of genes.

In 1953 the discovery of DNA was thought to have all the answers on why people did what they did and looked like they did, it was simply down to the DNA their parents or ancestors had. However, research has shown that cells are effected by our beliefs and our environment, even before you are born your genetics are being created by the sounds we hear from the uterus.

The issue was, that scientists wanted to stick with the Darwin theory, that the cell is the origin of everything, however research shows that cells react to their environment, and even Darwin himself towards the end of his life admitted this “When I wrote the origin, and for some years afterwards, I could find little good evidence of the direct action of the environment; now there is a large body of evidence.” (Darwin, F 1888) (Lipton, 2008, p. 20)

Unfortunately, regular people on the street have been using this research in their everyday life’s. Believing that if their parents have a genetic issue, then it will be passed to them. This includes personality traits, disease, being overweight and have learning disabilities. It is our belief that this will happen, so of course it happens!

However, the study of epigenetics explains that it is all about the environment and why it is so exciting. In the realm of human disease defective genes acting alone only account for about 2% of our total disease load. (Strohman, 2003) (Lipton, 2008, p. 21)


A single cell disease meaning, Huntington’s, chorea, or cystic fibrosis. However, cancer or diabetes is not the result of single cell they are complex. Scientists have rarely found that one gene is the cause of illness, it was the media that gave a wrong meaning to the words scientists used to describe the actions of a gene, that along with the dogma in the scientific community caused the real evidence of how genes are effected by their environment to still be in question by the general public. But this is big stuff and so many of our ‘issues’ can be irradiated by simply understanding this science in it true form.

Let’s take breast cancer for instance, it is the public view that if it runs in your family you must be tested, ninety – five percent of breast cancer are not inherited genes. The malignancies in a significant number of cancer patients are derived from environmentally induced epigenetic alterations and not defective genes. (Kling, 2003; Jones, 2001; Seppa,2000; Baylin, 1997) (Lipton, 2008, p. 42)

DNA does not control biology, and the nucleus itself is not the brain of the cell. Just like you and me, cells are shaped by where they live, in other words, it is the environment, stupid. (Lipton, 2008, p. 43)

This information is so key in our development and wellbeing it features in the fifteen- minute program. We use the Dr. Emoto research of water cells being changed by the vibration of our words, allowing a child to understand they have the power to change their physical structure with the words that they speak.

But it is not just words; it is emotions, feelings, and actions. Positive health is not just the physical aspect of us as Uma Goswami emphasizes “Emotions are more contagious than bacteria and viruses” so we must avid contamination by negative emotions and by the same token negative thoughts as part of good hygiene for the subtle bodies. (Goswami, Ph.D., 2004, p. 251)

Perception rewrites genes, our perception to a situation also shape the genes in our body contrary to the belief system in the scientific community that the genes are created through genetics and are inherited. Our environment is key to this as it is our perception of our environment that will lead to those changes, yet we don’t all perceive the same place in the same way.

Our experiences are designed to elevate the frequency of our mind, by having fun. What happens when we are experiencing those love hormones and happiness hormones, we perceive our environment in a much more positive way and this having an effect on our genes directly, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton. (Lipton, 2008)

This exciting research breaks us free from the prison that our health and wellbeing is purely a luck of the draw from our parent’s genetics, in fact it means that we can change a whole generation by simple changing the environment that those children live and perceive in.

British psychotherapist Sue Gerhardt in Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain couldn’t be more correct when she writes, “Most of all, my research leads me to believe that, if the will and resources were available, the harm done to one generation need not be transmitted to the next: a damage child need not inevitably become a damaging parent.” (Gerhardt, 2004)

We have the ability to create change right here and now using this science that we can recreate cells in our body to support us to being healthy and intelligent.


Whilst positive thinking will help us in the goal of mental and emotional well-being it takes more than just positive thinking and wishes to heal, as Bruce Lipton suggests in the biology of belief. Through self-consciousness the mind can use the brain to generate ‘molecules of emotions’ and override the system. (Lipton, 2008, p. 102) however emotion as can also make a healthy body diseased.

Our beliefs control our biology, if the belief system isn’t corrected then it is unlikely that the disease or illness can be cured. Not all beliefs are true. Bruce Lipton uses the example of not all snakes are dangerous yet we all have that awareness about snakes’ due to our belief.

In lifting our vibration, to laugh and have joy of course doing this each day we will see strong results in of positive health for all parties. It is vital that children understand the power of these techniques through direct experience and that parents and teachers are aware of the importance of positive health to improve mental and emotional well-being.

If a child is having difficulty at school and perceiving it in a negative manner then we can change this perception with the exercises in our program. When we perceive negatively we go into fight or flight mode, this means that blood flow is directed always from our limbs. Blood flow is directed away from the vital organs to the limbs, which are used for fighting and running. The immune system becomes of lesser importance. (Lipton, 2014)

If we take stress for example, which can be perceived as negative in many cases, stress makes us less intelligent, less clear minded so when we engage in the meditation or breathing exercises we are encouraging balance and harmony which promotes mind stimulation.


However, when a person perceives a loving environment, the body activates growth genes and nurtures the body. This was seen in Eastern European orphanages where children are given lots of nutrients, but little love these types of institutions have found to have stunted development in terms of height, learning, and other areas. There is also a high incidence of autism. Autism in this case is a symptom of protection genes being activated, like walls being put up. (Gerhardt, 2004)

Stress can kill us, we have huge amount of medical evidence to tie stress to heart related diseases and now depression, anxiety and so many more. The flight or fight mode we live it is becoming fast a danger to our immune system and also us living consciously, ‘it is necessary that stress signals repress the slower processing conscious mind to augment survival, it comes at a cost…demised conscious awareness and reduce intelligence. (Takamatsu, et al., 2003, Arnstem and Goldman-Rakic, 1998; Goldstein, et al., 1996) (Lipton, 2008, p. 120)

Children suffering from stress related illnesses, is stopping them from accessing their consciousness mind to make decisions from, as a result we are seeing more and more children, teenagers that are suffering from depression, self-harm and anxiety.

Meditation, breathing, dancing music all are stress reducers so I find it interesting that the arts and holistic methods are being closed down in schools and more focus on academic programs. Based on our environment shaping our genetics, children are less likely to get better academic results by giving them more stressful situations and classes to cope with.

Simple calming techniques can be used so the child can once again access the conscious mind, the higher self and we see growth in abilities on all levels. Learning how to harness your mind to promote growth is the secret of life. (Lipton, 2008, p. 114)

There is evidence that “beyond any doubt that parents have overwhelming influence on the mental and physical attributes of children they raise” (Verny & Kellt 1981) and this influence starts before they are born. The reality is that children are sponges and take in everything until they are six years old. Previously it was thought children had no memory before the age of three or four. Our program is designed to access young children, for this very reason.

I encourage parents to do the program when your children are babies, they will absorb and take it all in, and soon be following what you are doing. I have seen this with my own eyes as a prenatal yoga teacher, mum, and baby yoga teacher the children that were ‘doing;’ yoga whilst their mother was carrying them, actually pick up the breathing and poses much more quickly as babies.

Lipton suggests that parents can be genetic engineers for children by improving the pre- natal environment “the same epigenetic influences also continue after the child is born because parents continue to influence their child environment”. (Lipton, 2008, p. 127)

We must consider that all children are being influence genetically 24/7 from the time they are conceived. If the population of parents were to understand these concept, what changes would they make. We are the genetic engineers that are helping children grow, stay healthy in body and mind. And in doing so it is key that we give parents and teachers tools to help childrenshape their own well-being, to control their minds, change their beliefs and give them the power and authority to do so.

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel in The Developing Mind states “for the growing brain of a young child, the social world supplies the most important experiences influencing the expression of genes, which determines how neurons connect to one another in creating the neuronal pathways which give rise to mental activity”. (Siegel, 1999)

Young children carefully observe their environment and download the worldly wisdom offered by parents directly into their subconscious memory. As a result, their parent’s behavior and beliefs become their own. (Lipton, 2008, p. 133) This means any comments or messages that we have been given from our parents as children take root in our subconscious mind. Some children have been called stupid, silly, naughty, ungrateful, or not that clever. We are programming our children’s beliefs up until the age of around six, after this, children have the ability to assess what information is coming in.

Having already used positive affirmations with children from a young age, breathing, empowering children, praising them, giving them confidence, all in a loving environment is going to influence their belief, which in turn with determine the mental and emotional well-being of the child growing up and also as an adult.

These are genetically engineered beliefs put in place as children that we live by as grownups. It is vital that we start sharing these life skills to children as young as possible and for the very reasons we have mentioned. Bruce Lipton and his fellow researchers into this field have clearly indicated that we can change the genetic structure of a child in the early years and before

We have the power to help children have good mental and emotional well-being and once again resulting in physical well-being, where disease cannot take root.

Battling the subconscious mind comes at great costs. Bruce Lipton references the film Sine to get this point across where the battle between the conscious and subconscious results in the pianist going insane. (Lipton, 2008, p. 140) It would be much easier to be nurtured from a young age to reach your genetic and creative potential. Lipton also states that he feels the planet would be much happier and peaceful. (Lipton, 2008)

Conscious parenting in short helps us to understand that the genes are not just passed down and that the environment and the programing is key to the child pre-and post-birth. This would indicate that methods we have mentioned to help with emotional and mental wellbeing must be brought into the child’s awareness at a very young age for them to grow into their full potential and to be balanced mentally and emotionally

Children need parents that can playfully foster the curiosity, creativity, and wonder that accompanies their children into the world. (Lipton, 2008, p. 148) The more stressed the child was, the higher than normal of cortisol in the blood, produced the poorer outcome for the child. (Holden, 1996) This was the result from the Romanian orphanages that found that the lack of touch has resulted in stunted growth and adversely affected their behavior. We must have touch and social interaction with others at any early age. With all the screen time children are getting and the increased efforts to stop physical touch in public schools to minimize the risk of abuse, this is having an effect on our next generation.

For adoptive and non-adoptive parents alike, the message is clear: your children’s genes reflect only their potential, not their destiny. It is up to you to provide the environment that allows them to develop to their highest potential. (Lipton, 2008, p. 150)

A famous quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi also supports this belief. “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your action, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”

Dr Kate Bartram Brown



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