Oils: Babies & Children

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Although babies and children are generally more sensitive than adults it is still possible to use and enjoy Essential Oils with our entire family. You simply need to educate yourself so you are using the oils properly and remember you are using them different then you would yourself.

Essential Oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants. They have been used throughout history and in modern day for their therapeutic benefits without the risk of so called ‘side effects’. For example, the ancient Egyptians frequently used essential oils for beauty, food, ceremony or rituals.  What does certified therapeutic grade mean? Third party tested to ensure no toxins, contaminants and microorganisms.  Plants sourced from their indigenous (native) growing region. Testing protocol confirms the presence of the desired therapeutic qualities.

Suggested oils for babies:

– Lavender:  this relaxing oil can be used as part of baby’s bedtime ritual, perhaps a gentle massage on the feet using diluted lavender

– Chamomile: also very soothing it can be added to shampoo and lotion to keep skin happy and scented


  • Constipation: rosemary, ginger and orange dilute with carrier oil and massage onto stomach and feet.
  • Cradle cap: blend 2 tbsp of almond oil and 1 drop lemon 1 drop geranium, mix and apply small amount to the head.
  • Crying: ylang ylang, lavender, roman chamomile, geranium, cypress frankincense. Dilute for massage or diffuse.
  • Nappy rash: lavender dilute and apply.
  • Dry skin: sandalwood dilute and apply.
  • Jaundice: geranium, lemon or rosemary. Dilute and apply on the liver area and on the reflex feet points

Safety Tip: doses and dilutions

The most important thing to remember when using essential oils on children is that kids are not tiny adults—they have a much lower body mass, and they are still developing, so their bodies and skin are far more sensitive than ours.  Essential oils, especially dōTERRA essential oils are extremely potent, so a little goes a long way, particularly when dealing with children.

As you can see from this chart, children require a much smaller dose of essential oils than adults when it comes to aromatic, topical, and internal use. The “Dermal” section refers to what we typically call topical application, or application directly to the skin. The “Internal” section refers to taking essential oils by capsule, while “Oral” is drinking or dropping essential oils directly into the mouth. We typically refer to both of these methods simply as internal usage. This chart provides general guidelines, but remember—you must always consider the specific health conditions and concerns of your child before using essential oils.

One of the best ways to safely use essential oils on the delicate skin of children is to dilute. By using a carrier oil like dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to dilute an essential oil before applying it to your child, you can protect their sensitive skin, while still allowing them to experience all of the benefits that the oil offers.

When trying a new oil, the feet are the best place to apply because that is where the skin is thickest, a small reflexology massage is also usually relaxing for the child. When diluting, it is best to use one drop of essential oil and five drops of a carrier oil. Perhaps the easiest and safest way to allow your child to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is through diffusion. Diffusing essential oils in the kitchen, living room, or your child’s bedroom will allow them to experience the aromatic benefits that an essential oil has to offer. Whether you want to promote feelings of relaxation, encouragement, focus, or happiness, diffusing essential oils in an essential oil diffuser provides a safe way for the entire family to enjoy essential oils.


For most women Essential Oils are an appropriate and safe option during pregnancy.  So I’d like to talk about how we can safely use them and introduce them into our home and family life, without the fear and misconceptions during pregnancy. Being 23 weeks pregnant myself whilst writing this article and a passionate Essential Oil Advocate, Aromatherapist and Holistic Therapist, this is a subject I love to share. Also, I am happily available to answer any of your questions about using Essential Oils or doTERRA.

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