Self Care part 2

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Dear Community,

Aleks, our amazing Mystery School Astrologer talked to us about Mercury Retrograde this week, in our closed Facebook group. She discussed how important it is to have a clear and clean aura for better communication. This weaved very well with our topic of self care, so here are some more powerful items we use from our shop to aid in clearing our space and aura as well as the tools we have through initiation.

If you missed Aleks article check it out in our facebook group.

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Here’s how some of our team use these powerful products!

Holy Salt 

Having a salt bath is my number one self care tip. You can use any salt but a high vibration salt such as Holy Salt can be used in smaller amount in the bath. We can add to our shower gel if we don’t have a bath or we can have some of this salt on the alter. Salt gets rid of negative energy, it  helps lift our vibration and feel amazing to add to any bath. 

Love Kate


Mother Essence

I take this with me everywhere I go. And especially when I teach. It is a great support in creating sacred space as it absorbs negative thoughts and is like a psychic protection shield for the space you operate in. It creates a calm atmosphere in which it is easier to relax, meditate and be. 

Love Tanmaya

Vampire Essence 

I have these in my home and my space feels very protected. I also make sure I have them with me when I am travelling and staying in various hotels/accommodation – to have restful sleep protected from psychic interferences.

Love Colette

Palo Santo 2 sticks 

GOOD VIBES – Smudging.Help to raise your vibration and the vibration of your home with Palo Santo & Sage Spray.
What is Palo Santo?Palo Santo or “Holy  Wood” is a very ancient and sacred energy cleansing tool which can be dated back to the Inca’s. These sticks can be used for powerful purifying and cleansing of a space or your own energy bodies. This sacred plant medicine offers a grounding and clearing energy while the sweet and subtle aroma calms the immune and nervous system, enhancing creativity.

What is smudging?Smudging is the ritualistic burning of woods and herbs in a space using the combined elements of Fire (flame) , Earth (Wood) and Air (smoke) to ground and cleanse.
How to use – Light one end of the stick until it catches fire, allow to burn for around 20 seconds and then blow out the flame, the wood should continue to smoke. You can cleanse and clear a room or yourself with Palo Santo sticks – Walk around your room, or home, in a clockwise direction, stating your intention to cleanse and clear the energy, while wafting the smoking stick. For your body, it’s easier if someone else does it for you, walking around your body in a clockwise direction, holding the smoking stick a few inches away from your body, top to bottom, setting an intention to cleanse and clear energies. You can also do this yourself, wafting the smoke around your own body, not forgetting underneath the feet. It’s very important to set the intention of what you would like it to help you with. You can say it out loud or in your mind. Eg I usually state ♥️ I release all negative energies, only love and light is welcome here ♥️

Love Michele Leathley

Sage Spray

What is Sage 
Sage comes from the Latin word ‘salvia’ which translates to ‘to heal’. It’s a herb used for cleansing, purifying and releasing negative energies. The spray is made using a beautiful Sage essential oil. 

How to use it – Spritz a few sprays around your room or entire home, including each corner of the room, setting your intention as you go. You can also spritz it around your body, to clear your self. Always walking in a clockwise direction. 

You could think of Sage as moving old energy out and Palo Santo as moving new energy in. You’ll notice that your space will feel calmer, and more welcoming after you’ve cleansed the space. You can cleanse every day if you feel called to. I smudge and sage my temple space every day and additionally before every Healing I do. People always comment on how calm and welcoming the room feels. They’re both very powerful tools to help keep your vibe high! 

Love Michele Leathley

Om Mani Padme Hum -Tibetan Incantations

Wonderful CD perfect for any space or healing vibe. Sound is the perfect way to clear your space or energy and these very powerful incantations are simply beautiful .

Love Kate 

Goethian Purification Salts

These special salts are made by some of the most advanced ritual masters in the school in a special temple process. They are great to use when we feel our energy got mixed up or after we have let go of something big. You can use them sparingly, one to two table spoons per bath will do wonders. They are super potent so will last you. Great for ritual masters and anyone who works with energy a lot as self care is so important. 

Love Kate.

Love Salts

Amazing self love bath experience 

Love Kate.


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