We offer whole healing approach.

IQM was founded by Dr Kate Bartram Brown after she found there was no whole healing solution for her when she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 28. After studying with The Modern Mystery School her health went from strength to strength, so much so she starting offering the tools she had been handed down to others with amazing results.

This system of self healing and empowerment has been used for thousands of years and handed down in a sacred unbroken Mystery School Lineage which is held still today by the lineage holders. Dr Kate practices this ancient system to navigate her clients to take control of their own healing and create a life of their dreams.

Take a quantum leap with us today.

The steps to whole healing

Step 1.  Life Activation

Step 2.  Empower Thyself

Step 3.  Healers Academy

We don’t stop there, we support your new lifestyle changes with a path that has been tried and tested for thousands of years.

Areas in your life that IQM can help with:

Mental Health
Emotional Health
and more ….

To find out more, email us for your consultation.

IQM clinics can be found in:

Midlands, UK

Our clinics are New Paradigm clinics, networks of experts dedicated to your healing and well being, we have resources all over the world meaning we can get you the right person to guide you through your own healing process.

"As a Doctor of Natural medicine I use an ancient system from the Modern Mystery School to navigate whole healing approach. This system is the path of initiation, a powerful system in a lineage which realigns us to the source, that gives us tools to use each day to manage our own energy structure which results in physical, mental and emotional well being." It's been tried and tested for over 3000 years, it works!