Substance abuse affects millions of people on the planet today. It is the cause of so many ails of society – from mental health issues, to disease, to crime, violence and so much more.

An individual’s experience with abuse substances and addiction can be for various reasons. In the Mystery School tradition we know that those reasons are always rooted in a deeper spiritual and soul-level issues that can be addressed.

There is help and true healing available from addiction and substance abuse.

Speciality healers certified by the Modern Mystery School have an advanced healing protocol that is specific to the needs of the recovering addict, that addresses and heals the various energy systems we have as humans:

  • Past Life Emanations
  • Magnetic imblanace
  • Physical trauma
  • Emotional trauma and heart healing
  • Soul trauma and healing of the pituitary and pineal glands
  • Spirit trauma and restoring divine essence

The power of this modality comes from the immense power that resides within the human soul and its ability to transcend anything the human will chooses to. The strength is within.

The Modern Mystery School respects and honours medical and holistic rehabilitation in and out-patient programs, and recommends that anyone considering the Spiritual Drug Detox system with MMS to please continue and complete your prescribed support programs.

To find out if this healing modality is right for you, please contact us to find a practitioner in your area for a consultation.