A magical tale about daisies and dandelions…

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Dear Community,

As we stand strong in The Middle Pillar, Annie reminds us of the Magick that is within and 

around each of us, with her Magickal Tale today!


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A Magickal Tale of Dandelions and Daisies….

I looked out of my window and my garden was full of daisies and dandelions !
Time to cut the grass….

I paused and remembered as a child how I loved to sit amongst the dandelions and the daisies and make daisy chains!

So before I cut the grass why not have some fun!

So I sat and made a chain of daisies just the right size to make a crown!

As soon as I put the crown of daisies upon my head something magickal happened … I was turned once clockwise and my garden transformed! Everything seemed brighter as if in technicolour the flowers bloomed gloriously, the trees glowed with a halo of light and everything was in perfect order.

Now the daisies and dandelions were dancing with each other and there were Fairies twirling and swirling around having such a merry time!

I stood there smiling my heart brimming enjoying this magickal sight. I looked down and I too had transformed! My dress was now shining and flowing with light I too could feel the light resonating through me. As I smiled more light flowed from me and further transformed…… now my house into a castle my car into a golden carriage. I laughed and danced with the Fairies with the dandelions and the daisies feeling so full of love and light …. then I remembered this was how my life in the everyday land was supposed to be … I was supposed to be a Queen serving in her Queendom, living a magickal life. So how could I merge this magickal world into my everyday life? As soon as I had that thought the Fairies flew to me and began singing a song , a song like no other before , a song that spoke to my soul and I remembered the key , the magick I was seeking was me and within me. They helped me remember and will continue to help me remember the magick that is me

And then I was swirled once anti-clockwise and I was back in my everyday life yet something was different I was still full of love and light! I remembered I was the key and I had a strong inner knowing I will always be guided and supported in living a Magickal life by the Fairies!

Now what about the dandelions?

The Fairies reminded me of one of their favourites…. dandelion tea!

They reminded me to collect the dandelions when their faces were open smiling at the sun!

To soak them in water to freshen them.

To gently remove the green part holding the petals and then place in a tea ball or infusion tea pot( their favourite!)

Add boiled water and serve in china fit for a Fairy Queen or King!!

Here are some of the health benefits the Fairies shared:


Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea!

  • Good for Digestion. 

  • Dandelion tea can have many positive effects on your digestive system….

  • Detoxifies the Liver….

  • Acts as a Diuretic….

  • Reduces Water Weight….

  • Powerhouse of Antioxidants….

  • Fights Diabetes….

  • Treats Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) …

  • Fights Cancer.

The Fairies wish is for you all to remember your unique magick and be the Kings and Queens of your King/ Queendoms!!

Sending you dandelion wishes of magick and LOVE

Annie & the Fairies



About Annie Riley

Annie is a Guide ,Healer, Ritual Master and Teacher with The Modern Mystery School.

She weaves the wisdom of living a magickal  life alive, gained from her varying life experiences.

The wisdom gained has given her a depth of practical knowledge which forms the foundation of her service with The Modern Mystery School.

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