Ancient Mystery School Initiates have been practising Quantum Physics for over 8000 years

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In recent years, we have been guided to believe that the ‘truth’ or ‘correct information’ is science or fact based and to think that anything outside of that realm can’t be taken seriously, because it can’t be measured by modern day science apparatus. Yet science hasn’t always been this way, it’s been around for thousands of years and has understood there is a realm or an area which we can call the invisible world, that works outside of our physical limitations.

This has also been the case in healing/medicine. In allopathic medicine, the thought is that if they target the gene that is ‘defective’ then they can eradicate the disease that has been caused, of course this method has proved not to be as effective as they had thought. (Goswami, 2004) But this doesn’t mean that there haven’t been huge advancements in the way that allopathic doctors look at illness.

Allopathic medicine has made some interesting progress as regards to curing or preventing diseases which are on the increase around the world. It is now suggested that the patient makes lifestyle changes to prevent or support a non-diseased body, however these life style changes only include diet and exercise.

We know that changing diet and exercising would make a difference in the health and well-being of any person. Healing the physical illness that has manifested is important, however it does not include changing belief systems, which may have been the root cause of the issue. We cannot heal the vital energy imbalance with just diet and food. We cannot improve mental and emotional health just by addressing the physical symptoms.

Allopathic medicine suggests that health is just that of the physical body, the upward causation model, yet we know that stress can cause heart attacks. We know that trauma from war can cause mental imbalance which leads to physical ailments. So, it would be fair to suggest that belief systems could also create imbalance or disease

Quantum physics theories have helped many move out of the restrictions that can be found in modern science/medicine and that there is possibility outside of those limitations. Not everyone agrees with these theories, however they have assisted many to look beyond the physical and what can be seen or measured regarding healing and science.

The scientists and medicine people thousands of years old, understood spirituality, how to create magick, the unseen world and its forces which abides by Universal Law and not human law. They studied metaphysics which simple means above, or some may say, beyond, as in beyond our physical limitations. Metaphysics was not only studied by scientists and medicine people but also royalty and leaders behind closed doors to enable them to achieve the great work. They studied in mystery schools and dedicated their life’s to fulfilling their missions, people such as Leonardo Di Vinci, Nicole Tesla, Plato, Winston Churchill to name but a few.

These ancient systems have used practices of bringing science and art together to create magick since the beginning of time. The art, which is magick and the science, which is the discipline, comes together to create or manifest in the physical form, to create whatever we desire right here and now. They also used these systems to heal, to live peacefully and in joy, they understood that everything is energy, that everything is connected, that we are all one and that we more than this physical body.

This is where it gets interesting, quantum physics ‘theories’ have been practiced and more importantly understood by our ancestors for over 8000 years. So, none of this is new, they are in fact not theories but practices that have been understood and applied. And if one can be open to this, one has a wider scope for preventing or curing illness that occurs.

As a Doctor of Quantum Medicine, which is based on the theories of QP, it is believed that every illness is created first in the energetic part of us and by the time we experience it in a physical form, it is the symptom rather than the source of the issue. As we mentioned above. Once we understand this, we can work from a downward causation model.

In real terms, we may have to work both models at the same time if the illness has already become physical and why quantum doctors such as myself work alongside GP’s to get a whole approach to wellness.


I’m fortunate that I have also be trained in the ancient arts of the Mystery School Traditions through the Modern Mystery School, one of only 7 left on the planet today. I use this ancient system to navigate whole healing approach. This system is the path of initiation, a powerful system which realigns us to the source, that gives us tools to use each day to manage our own energy structure which results in physical, mental and emotional well being.

As our society has become more mental, we insist on science based facts to prove whether it works or not which can limit our approach to healing or being healthy. Quantum Physics has given some that stepping stone of faith in energy healing/practices. Through the study of metaphysics in the Mystery School tradition we learn about the universe and ourselves by receiving the keys to unlock the potential and knowledge that we have inside of us, to go beyond our limitations and reach our highest potential.  When we break through our limitations we can heal on all layers of our energetic structure by passing or jumping to the cause, we call this a quantum leap. As a healer in the ancient Mystery School lineage or Quantum Doctor we can help our clients to take that quantum leap to wellness.

This path or journey of healing is not always easy and not the same as taking a pill, as in it is not a quick fix, it takes a little dedication and time yet the results are we life a live in JOY, we experience why we are here and what we are here to do. This journey of self-discovery or as we call it in the ancient Mystery School tradition to ‘Know Thyself’ is the KEY to the universe.

I for one feel excited at the prospect of more people ready to expand and go beyond their current limitations, to explore the ancient wisdoms and to put it into practice in their modern-day life’s. This world of magick is here to enhance every area of our life, we have forgotten that we are here to have to have fun on this amazing planet we call home. With one simple step onto the path of initiation we can awaken that memory and awaken the power within.


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