Importance of Alone Time

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It’s summer season.

This might mean spending more time outside and spending more time with people you love.

But no matter the season, making sure you have your Alone time will make your experience so much more enjoyable.

If you are surrounded by people from morning till evening you will slowly feel drained if you don’t take some time for yourself. Let’s cover why having some Alone time is important and how to create Alone Time.

Why Alone Time is Important

We have been conditioned to believe that being “Alone” means something is wrong with us, that we are unwanted and unlovable if we are Alone. It can’t be further from the truth! Being alone is the best gift You can give to yourself and people you love. When you spend time “Alone” well you are never really “Alone” but that’s another topic, you realign your energy you disconnect from the noise, from other peoples energies constantly invading into your own energetic field and you find your Balance. From this space, you can discern what energy is yours and what is someone else’s.

Being alone is an opportunity to connect deeper with Yourself and face your truth. Being constantly surrounded by people and noise will not bring you inner peace and knowing. You do not need to become a “Hermit” and lock yourself in a hut somewhere in the woods, although if that is what you feel inspired to do then do so. But a lot of times even 15min throughout your day just shutting down all noise and bringing yourself into center will Do. From this space, you will be able to appreciate other peoples presence in your life and not feel drained.

No matter if you are a parent if you are in a relationship or surrounded by family members or just people altogether. Taking time off to be alone will deepen your connection and bring you closer rather than clinging, attaching and constantly being around each other.

How to Create Alone Time

Being around people can activate our mind a lot. It’s like entertainment for the mind, a dopamine effect, and sometimes we have to use our will to say okay I’m going to go and lock myself in or spend some time in nature by myself. At first, your mind might think “oh I don’t need that it will not do much for me…” and you go to bed feeling exhausted. But when you take that 15min throughout the day and recenter yourself, you will feel so much better and grateful that you took some time to Be By Yourself.

Plan in your break times or take your alone time when you feel of center when you are running on autopilot and just existing. Do it until it becomes a habit to spend time by yourself throughout the day. Just Being. This will also raise the quality of your life and your experience. You will be able to see your connections and life in a much deeper sense than just people who surround you!

So give that gift to Yourself and spend some time By Yourself and know that it’s a gift that you gift to everyone in your Life.


Love: Ani

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