‘So, bad things still happen to you’?

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Said one of my client’s half smiling in relief. It was before a session and I had just got back from a long trip and my suitcase had been lost on the way there and on the way back and I had posted about it on Facebook… this had prompted the question above, I smiled and said, ‘oh yes, and I want people to know they happen to me’.



You see I post on Facebook a lot, it is way of me journaling what’s happening in my life in the hope that it could inspire others or to help others express their thought and emotions. I also do it as I want to document the events in my life that I shared with people. We don’t have photo albums anymore that we can get out when we are older, everything is online, so I find its a great way to look back and see how life has progressed.


As a healer and guide I have many clients who I work with that have illness, are wanting to be successful or wanting to progress spiritually. I promote that you can do whatever you want in life, create what you want, live an abundant life and live a life of magick, so why would I want to share the tougher times in my life, isn’t that a silly thing to do when so many people are looking to me for answers?


It’s a great point, but I live life just like everyone else, I have what most people would call ‘bad days’ I have suitcases that go missing after long flights, I drop things, people let me down resulting in me having to navigate many challenges I likely don’t have so much time for. But here is the thing, the way in which I deal with those issues and challenges is what I’m sharing with my clients, friends and family. I’m sharing that these things don’t have to determine whether we have a good day or bad day, that we are in full control of the way in which we react and the way in which we navigate the challenge.


I’m a real human being that happens to have high level magical training which means that my challenges are ways for me to grow, learn and to monitor how much I have changed.


So, living a magical life doesn’t mean that challenges and hard times don’t ever happen to me, it means that I have a better set of tools to deal with the many trails of life, which means that the things that once would have thrown me off and caused me to eat that big piece of cake or drink that large glass of wine no longer have that effect on me.


I’m not as attached to the outcome or must have that outcome look only one way, I can see past this, I look at ways I can move around it swiftly and if I can’t, then I must be able to surrender and be ok with that also.Life becomes less stressful, less complicated in many senses. It allows us to stay at a higher vibration, some may say it creates a happier life, I would suggest it more like joyous life. I still find joy even though times are tough.


Therefore, living a magical like is about navigating the challenges with the tools that we have, a positive mindset and all whilst not taking our self too seriously



So if you find your self in more difficult times try to remember to laugh, play and find the joy where ever you can.. its al going to work out just fine.

Dr Kate Bartram Brown


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