5 Top Tips on how to Live a Royal Life on a Budget

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Living a Royal Life doesn’t mean that we must have loads of cash to buy extravagant things. The Universal lore means that it will provide us with what we need according to our vibration, in other words we will receive the same vibration as we are vibrating at… like attracts like.



Let’s ask ourselves right now. What are your thoughts and actions attracting?

Hmmm, can you see where you could improve? But it’s OK, let’s not beat our self-up. We have been programmed to ‘be grateful’ we have a job, even though we are unhappy or be grateful we have a roof over our head, even though we want to travel and see the world. These little thoughts have created a mind-set of let’s just make do and be ok with that. That’s not a Royal way of thinking and I’m here to go against popular belief and Say NO to that! You are Royal, you are an amazing being that can attract anything you like….. if you know how.


I first learnt this as a young entrepreneur in my early 20’s and used these raw (not trained in anyway) talents in my first business venture which was nominated for Grazier Business women of the year amongst other aciliads. I knew the power of the mind but had no real system to use. I just read whatever I could and used it to the best of my understadnding. Fast forward to my 30’s and I attracted, yes I called out and received the training I needed with the Modern Mystery School to help me use my gifts to their full potential.

From my own direct experience, I took my 2nd business venture from 1 – 16 countries in one year using this system so I feel I’m well equipped to talk about this subject.


So, we have established that we attract what we ‘need’ and what we are vibration is at. I have often talked about raising one’s vibration through initiation and healings but I wanted to cover something else today. I wanted to show you 5 easy ways to Live a Royal life and doing it right away.


1/ Are you thinking Royally?

chances are you aren’t, if you were then you would be living a royal Life. This doesn’t mean go and spend a load of cash and get in loads of debt to by what you think Royal. No, let’s get deeper, let’s go to the core. A royal or wealthy person will automatically expect certain things in their life, things they need. such as an Oxford education, a cleaner, good food, beautiful clothes. This would-be a given in their life. What are you thinking about what you need… enough food to get by, a certain amount of cash to pay for the rent, £50 to go out for the night. The universe will give you what you ‘need’ and of what you ‘need’ is lower expectation then it doesn’t judge, it doesn’t say hey… you know you can have more? So, let’s start thinking Royally, and adjust what you ‘need’ Make a list of how you want to live life and do it today.



2/Do you appear to be Royal?

So, what are you wearing? My stepson gave me such a telling off for judging him on what he was wearing until I explained this concept. The way that you dress reflects your vibration, I don’t walk around with a diamond crown on my head to be Royal(however I would given the oppourtnity)  but what I do is wear clothes that raise my vibration and make me feel good. I don’t put dirty clothes on, I don’t wear clothes that don’t fit me correctly, and I don’t wear clothes that irritate my skin or make me uncomfortable. You can wear whatever you like, any style, in fact I would encourage you to express yourself, wear colour and be free but make them royal. There are so many outlets you can get good clothes from, even the second-hand shops in certain parts of London carry the most amazing brands and most never worn. There are plenty of options to suit your budget.


3/What you speak you create. Are you words Royal?

Would the Queen be caught chatting about how crap life is? NO! The way you speak and what you speak about is a powerful tool. Listen to your language. Is it high vibration and positive or low vibration and unhelpful. We can still use constructive criticism or discernment we don’t have to be smiley and agree with everything to be positive, but we can see a positive way to address someone or a situation and if you can’t then maybe it better to walk away.

Changing your words and your response is free, you can start right away. Watch the impact is has on your life and those around you. Let’s lift each other up to be Royal and not take each other down with our powerful tool of speech.


4/Do I treat my body as though it is Royal

Ok so this one can touch a few nerves. Are you ready? What are you putting into your body and how are you treating your body? Are you going to drive through takeaways each night and expecting your body to function at its peak? Are you drinking fizzy drinks and overriding your system with sugar so it can’t function the way it needs to? Are you eating for the sake of eating, are you sitting down all day and not moving your body and wondering why you have so many aches and pains? Sorry to say this lovely people but your body is a holy temple and unless you treat it that way it will become a run-down shack in a bad place in town. It’s a s simple as that. You are the one that controls what you put into your body and how you move it. No one else can help you. So, what can we do today to start treating the body royally.

Walk! Just walking and moving the body, or try some Chi Do (message me for details on this system created by Gudni Gudnason.. it’s awesome! Do the house work (royal of course). Whatever you decide to do it now. It doesn’t have to be exercising 5 times a week with an expensive trainer, you can do so much at home and its stuff we already know how to do.

We also want to put Royal food into us, food is fuel, what fuel do you need? I’m vegan because it suits me and my vibration is much higher than when I was consuming diary (I haven’t eaten meat in 35 years) but it’s totally your choice, my point is find what works for you. Don’t be scared by the endless information on google about how not eating meat will not give you protein or how eating fruit will increase your sugar levels! Most of this is nonsense, as a doctor of natural medicine an area I studied at length is nutrition. Find a plan that works for you. Be brave and test things before you make a choice on what is good and what is not. Choose Royal foods, as in choose foods that support your awesomeness! I know it’s a tricky subject but we are in total control of what we put into our body and how we move the body, make it a good choice and start right away.


5/Do I live in Royal place?

I went to Buckingham palace the other day, I want all my rooms to look like the state rooms, so that is a work in progress LOL but on a serious note, is your home Royal, is your workspace Royal? Meaning is it clean and tidy, would you be happy to invite a very important person to your home. It doesn’t need to have gold gilded ceilings but it can be clean and well maintained. Look at how your raise the vibration to rotalty in your home, maybe some lovely cushions, maybe fresh flowers, candles, incense, music playing, soft lighting. These are all things that you can do for not a lot of money. Look at the plates you eat off, the cups you use. Simple things that can be addressed right away. Once in order then start to add Royal touches here and there, maybe a painting you did, or a lovely bed spread as a treat, collect over time. Keep an eye out for special things that will make your own Buckingham Palace. Your environment is a KEY part to your living a Royal Life. It will help you to think from that place, that mind-set.




So, you see living a Royal life doesn’t need to involve a Royal Budget. However once one implements a Royal standard of living then our ‘needs’ change and guess what the universe will respond and give you what you need.

I’ve tried and tested this system as mentioned however deeper training to become an expert in any system is highly recommended. Just as I found when I started my studies with the Modern Mystery School. Ancient ways of doing things doesn’t mean its outdated, in fact they were more advanced than our modern-day structure is today. I love that I’m able to use this work to inspire others to live Royally. I love that I’m able to live this way.


I look forward to hearing how your Royal life is going


Dr Kate Bartram Brown

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