Help I can’t meditate …. 10 easy steps to get into your mediation ‘zone’

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I know when we think meditation we think of someone sitting cross legged, chanting and having no thoughts at all  … but that isn’t strictly true. Well done if you are that person but let’s face it most of us leading a regular life, have work, children, bills to pay and a million thoughts running through our minds every minute


Yes, there is a new stat that suggests we have that we have that many thoughts running through our mind. Personally I find that over whelming data and I want to do something to minimise those thoughts effecting the decisions that I make daily. I want to do the best by my family and make sure I’m on the ball to create a happy life for myself and those in my life.


So, this thing called meditating may seem like its light years away from most people’s everyday life, perhaps we think it’s for those that wear lulu lemon and shop at farmer’s markets, and have so much time that they can settle into a comfortable lotus position to go ‘within’. Let’s face it, meditation has become somewhat trendy, but is it open to everyone? The short answer is yes!


I have spent years teaching meditation to all ages and children are great meditators contrary to popular belief. It’s really finding a technique that works for you and building upon that experience. I wanted to share with you  10 easy ways to get you into the meditating ‘Zone’ to prove that everyone can meditate.


  • We are going to put a minimum time limit on how long we meditate each day … but before you panic please keep reading. I know having a time limit puts people off but I’m going to suggest a min of 3 minutes a day. ‘What!’ I hear you say. What can 3 minutes do. Well 3 minutes of meditation is better than 0 minutes and it’s a starting point that everyone can achieve. If you want to do more, then that is wonderful, if you want to do 3 minutes then you are successful and hitting your target. You can simply increase each week as you build your muscle. The meditation muscle is just like any other muscle, its take a little time to get stronger.


  • We are going to decide what type of meditation we want to do: are you an active person, a fidget or are you happy to sit in one place and relax.? If you are an active person lets start off with a moving meditation and if you are happy to sit still we will start off with a relaxing meditation. So, select which person you are right now:






  • We are going to pick a time slot to meditate at, you can change it but we need to have some form of plan before we go into action. So, for the next 3 days select the time slots that you can dedicate to your meditation. If you are an early riser, great then we can start in the morning or if you prefer the last thing at night you can go to bed 3 minutes earlier and slot your time in. Some choose to take a lunch break in the park and practice time could be part way through the day. The point I’m making is it doesn’t matter when it is, but get your diary our right now and mark in 3 days with 3 time slots for 3 minutes! We can do this!


Now we have a plan, by the way this is a very kabbalist way of doing things

We have an idea, we think about it, plan it and then pop it into action. You can use this formula for anything that you want to do in life. This ancient method was taught to me by the Modern Mystery School in the Universal Kabbalah accession program and it has served me well. Its so simple, just as trie magick should be. So back to getting into the ‘zone’



  • Be comfortable. It is always good to be seated when meditating, back straight and feet on the floor with palms facing up, always be comfortable, don’t strain the body. For example:  sitting cross legged if you aren’t used to it will be uncomfortable within 5 minutes. We must be as comfortable as possible, sitting up in bed, or a favourite chair is great or whatever works for you.



  • Find a good quiet spot to meditate in, maybe it will be your chosen place each day? Studies show that this can aid meditation and relaxation as the body and mind register that place with being calm and relaxed, so it becomes much easier to get into that state of mind. Try it out. Sitting up in bed, the arm chair or whatever takes your fancy.


  • No distractions, it may seem obvious but have you turned your phone off, not on vibrate either. It’s so easy to get distracted and remember its only for 3 minutes so maybe we can make that choice to be cut off from all electronic communications for 3 minutes.


  • Set the mood. Mood lighting is called that because we can change our mood with lightning! Amazing. So, dim the lights and get the perfect setting. Studies have shown that strip/LED lighting can affect the brain and cause anxiety. When women give birth, the ideal lighting is candle light, it creates harmony, peace and a relaxed atmosphere. So, candle light maybe an option or simply turn the light off if you don’t have a dimmer.


  • It ok to have background noise but not that is going to distract you. I like to play nice music in the background, instrumental is the better choice, no words as they can influence our meditations. There is so much research that music can heal us, lift our mood and create that relaxed feeling. Have fun selecting your music and change it up as often as you like


  • Get excited about YOUR mediation time, if you see it as fun then it will be fun, if you are seeing it as a chore, well that really isn’t going to work. Switch your frame of mind and think of meditating as a gift you are giving yourself. With that mind-set, we will be encouraged to do it more often or for longer.


  • If you don’t succeed try, try again. No one fails at meditation, its simply not true that you can’t meditate. Simply apply a little dedication and practice each day and you will get results. You deserve this, so don’t let that little voice in your head tell you can’t. You can!


Now you are in the zone, what meditations will work for you .. find out In part 2 next week

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