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I love the opportunity to look back and reflect where i came from and small things that have changed my life .. in bite size this week I wanted to share a few such things


You are what you think! If this is so ….. what are you thoughts like? Are you aware when your thoughts are taking you into a negative state, or negative self talk, do they repeat themselves so often you begin to believe them even if they aren’t true ?

Most people don’t consider their inner dialogue (thoughts) as important but if we look at this statement below, we can see that it’s one of the most important parts of our well being.

If you are not happy with your life, mental, emotional health or even your physical health.. looking at your thoughts is the first step to changing that.

Empower Thyself is how I learned to be aware of my thoughts, how to stop them before they got negative and how to create a positive thought pattern in my life

From here, I got well, I got mentally and emotionally stable, I no longer needed outside influences such alcohol, nicotine, food to change my moods.

In the Mystery School we know that changing our thoughts is an alchemical process, it’s transmutation, it’s changing ones energy, it’s magick. Whatever the terminology you prefer to use, it’s powerful and you are in control !



What if you were a part of God, universe, source .. or whatever terminology you wanted to call it .. … what if you could change your life by your beliefs, your actions, your thoughts ? What if you had the power to help others, to say no to those that take others free will or violate them ?
Imagine what a different world that would be if we took responsibility and didn’t expect governments, educators, leaders of communities to do it all on our behalf and give away our power.

Ancient metaphysical teachings in the mystery School say this is so. We do have the power, in fact we are very powerful, and through our thoughts, words, actions we can create miracles… just like Gods/Goddesses.

Empower Thyself is the first step to reclaiming that crown of divinity and power as part of the universal system. But it doesn’t stop there, this is a path one must walk and must keep going to truly be a master of oneself we become the master of the universe.

Let’s take responsibility and take charge.


Dr Kate Bartram Brown

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