Bite Size Magick

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I like to get certain topics down on paper, sometimes they are thoughts or ideas that come up and I would love to share them with you! Welcome  to ‘bite size’ Magick, a series of writings I want to share with the world.



This is one of the most important pieces that most of us miss in our quest to reach our full potential.
In the Mystery School lineage we encourage everyone to go to healers academy if they can/are ready, for this exact reason. Not because it’s another course to do, not pyramid sales as some people like to suggest, or to open a healing business. Its because we need to SERVE! It’s the only way we can truly learn about ourselves.
Name one person that became a master of light, or enlightened, that hasn’t served the people or sacrificed to help others. In all esoteric text we will find reference to this again and again.
When we look at other lineage practices they follow the same practice, become a monk / nun and serve. Yoga, go to an ashram and serve.
When we think about it, once you have started your healing path and started walking along the road, isn’t it natural you reach your hand out to those around you and say ‘hey.. I found a way.. do you want to come with me’ ? ‘I can guide you but you will have to walk the path yourself ‘. Its only through your direct experience you can say that.. in the Mystery School we will have received the life activation as our experience, we then change, we heal and then we share that with others, because it made a difference in our life’s, (we call 2nd step initiate or going to healers academy). Other systems have other ways … but it’s the same premise.
Unless you are serving how can we see who we really are…. that is the hardest part of serving, seeing oneself and often why people give up, or make excuses as to why they shouldn’t or cant, often we blame others for that.. why do I know, because I have been there ! LOL However if you do serve and keep going, it will be your biggest gift!




About 10 years ago I set up a kids yoga company. People were quick to comment ‘it’s a waste of money training to do that’ ‘ load of rubbish, kids get enough play time’ ‘ next you will be hugging trees’

Once I was up and running and successful it then progressed to ‘yoga brings in the devil’ ‘it’s against religion’ ‘chanting / yoga is weird’ and in fact I lost a key member of our team due to the one church’s beliefs on yoga

I got more successful and the people I trained to go into schools asked me to change the name of my company .. take out the word yoga .. ‘it offends or puts people off’ they said several times to me.

It would have been easy to change the name, change what we were all about, change the program, we could become just another brick in the wall but I saw how yoga and self help tools changed kids life’s. Children that had traumas, regular kids, children that had learning difficulties …to me giving in would mean I was giving up on them, that’s what kept me going.

Today Mini Me Yoga reaches 1000’s of children each week, we get feedback everyday about children that we have helped, and how it’s changed their life.

Today people don’t get annoyed about the word yoga .. In fact kids yoga is encouraged in most schools… but guess what, today people advise me not to speak about magick, the Mystery School ..’it’s a load of rubbish, it doesn’t work’ or ‘are you practicing black magick/ devil stuff’ ‘that stuff is weird’ hmmmm where have I heard that before ! Lol

In a few years people will all be using their inner power to create miracles and magick/ initiation will be a common place word again .. it will simply be a way people look after their whole health and move beyond limitations. I look forward to that time .. until then it’s time to fluff my tutu




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