Bluebell and Buttercup, a magickal tale!

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Dear Community,

As we find, feel and return to balance in nature, Annie reminds us of the Magick that is within


around each of us, with her Magickal Tale connecting us to some of the elemental beings today!


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Bluebell and Buttercup- A Magickal Tale….

Bluebell and Buttercup were the best of  Faery friends!

They had grown up together in the meadows of Shamballah and loved to play, sing and dance amongst the trees and bushes ,enchanting and helping passers by!

Beautiful Bluebell with her tinkling bells , ringing out a tune so pure and true!

Beautiful Buttercup shining brightly with positivity, lighting up even the darkest day!

They each knew and celebrated that the other had a special gift to be shared and if they met anyone that was lacking in that quality, they magickally directed that being to the other Faery!

Have you ever been wandering in the woods, day-dreaming perhaps feeling a little forlorned and suddenly found yourself in a field of Buttercups, brightened by their sunny smiles?

That would have been Bluebell sending you to Buttercup to be cheered up!

Have you experienced walking in the woods, feeling lost, not sure of yourself and finding your attention being brought to the tinkling Bluebells, suddenly gaining clarity on your next step that was right and true for you?

That would have been Buttercup guiding you to Bluebell to gain true  and perfect inspiration for you at that time!

Bluebell and Buttercup are here to support you and also to remind you that just like them, you  are unique and beautiful in your own right! 

That each of you has a special gift to be unveiled and shared for the realisation of Shamballah, a Magickal  Kingdom that exists in each and everyone of you!

That you are beautiful , unique and beyond compare just as Buttercup and Bluebell!

So the next time you are feeling despondent or lost, remember Bluebell and Buttercup, go for a walk in nature and see how your spirits improve and your world suddenly feels like a much better place to be in!

Oh and another thing I almost forgot Bluebell and Buttercup have just whispered in my ear! They wanted to share with you one of their favourite pastimes and drinks that you may also enjoy!

Bluebell and Buttercup like nothing better than to sit down and chat on a cosy blanket with  a delicious and healthy cup of Faery Mocha!

Heres the recipe:

Faery Mocha

1 teaspoon for organic cacao
1 teaspoon of roasted organic chicory root

add hot water

Stir clockwise

Bluebell likes hers with a dash of oat milk!
Buttercup likes hers with smidgen of honey!
I like mine straight up!

Served in the best Faery china cups!

Before you drink make a wish from your heart and contemplate on your unique gift and the magick that is YOU!

Here are some benefits of cacao and chicory that the 2 Faeries would like to share with beautiful YOU!

Cacao contains /benefits:

Fibre supporting a healthy gut
Protein, required to maintain and grow muscle
Potassium, important for muscular and neurological function
magnesium, essential for energy, metabolism and healthy psychological function, bones and teeth
Natural compounds known to reduce anxiety and lift mood.

Chicory Root contains/benefits

  • Prebiotic containing Inulin

  • Aids bowel movements

  • Improves blood sugar control

  • May regulate appetite

  • A healthy substitute for and tastes a bit like coffee!

Oh those mischievous Faeries, how they love to help you,  just popped in to say…….

” Follow not the crowd, be TRUE to beautiful YOU!” Love Bluebell

” Compare thyself not to another, SHINE you’re beautiful unique light!” Love Buttercup

The Fairies wish is for you all to remember ,express and live your unique magick in the Kingdom of Shamballah!

Sending you Bluebell and Buttercup wishes of Magick and LOVE

Annie & the Fairies


About Annie Riley

Annie is a Guide ,Healer, Ritual Master and Teacher with The Modern Mystery School.

She weaves the wisdom of living a magickal  life alive, gained from her varying life experiences.

The wisdom gained has given her a depth of practical knowledge which forms the foundation of her service with The Modern Mystery School.

Annie has a special connection with the elemental beings and loves to share their magick with you!

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