My love for oils and my secret recipe ..

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I love oils and they have been a stable in my home for many years not just for healing but also a way to keep my home smelling and feeling sensational. As a doctor of natural medicine I often suggest oils to my clients.


 Oils are so versatile and can be used for many things such as:

Making your bath smell and feeling wonderful, making candles, healing, homemade cleaning products, to digest for internal aliments, to diffuse to help with physical, mental and emotional issues and much more

 Please note: We want to be careful what oils we digest though as not all are suitable.

Each month I want to share with you oils that have helped my family over the years. This month I wanted to share the miracle of Peppermint and Lavender mixed.

 I could right an entire essay on these two oils but if you are new to oils and not sure where to start my go to are these two. Separately they are miracle workers and together they are a power house for many challenges that we may come across in our family life.

 Peppermint is a natural pick me up and great for digestion, smells clean and fresh and generally an all-round favourite.

 Lavender calms and soothes helps us sleep and can help when anxiety, fear and feeling panicked.


When mixing the two together make sure mix them into a base oil such as olive oil (a good one), coconut oil, almond oil. anything you like. You can choose how strong the mixture is with how many drips you place into the oil. I like to use 7 drops as that is a super magick number and mix with a good amount of oil – it will last you a long time.


I keep this bottle in dark cool place


Add it to your bath for achy muscles after a workout or just because its smells amazing.


Rub it directly onto your body if you are aching or if your little one falls over add a small amount to their skin – I can it a magick potion. I don’t apply to babies or small children although it would be safe. you can use another method for this.


It’s great for arthritis my nan swears by it, anything that is swollen or painful. 

This mixture is a natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory

I also use this when I travel to prevent me greeting cold a cough on the place

 If you wish to diffuse these oils then simply add a drop or two of each to your diffuser. This kills the bugs in the air and keeps the entire family healthy, calm and feeling in good spirits


If you are not sure where to buy your oils, of a good quality then use this link below



I love Do Terra, they have great range and a very reasonable. If you would like a free oil consultation then please feel free to email me

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