Positive Affirmation Game for children. Create your own magick water

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This is based on the work of a Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto and his discoveries about water and its reactions to words or energy.

Dr Emoto is a very clever man and

found a way to photograph frozen water molecules (crystals). On his travels he took photographs from different parts of the world and discovered that depending on where the water came from, the molecules looked different.

So he took it one stage further and started to play music to water to see what would happen, as he played the music he found that the beautiful crystals changed shape. So he decided to do an experiment where he took water and put it into containers, then on each container, he wrote and spoke different words, “Thank you!”, or “You fool!”

The water crystal that had “Thank you!” spoken to it was so pretty and strong but the water that had “You fool!” spoke to it had broken and looked very disconnected.

Now, did you know that we humans are made up of 70% water and our brain is over 80% water? So how do you think that we respond to a positive word, does it make us feel good? And how do we feel if someone is not so nice… it doesn’t feel good, does it? We are like a water bottle, and we are made up of water crystals so how about we make some more magick and create our own energy drink?

Creating your own magick energy water

If you look on the back of your Mini Me Yoga cards you will see that there are lots of positive words. Pick a word. Or make one up. If you have the cards then you can select a card by closing your eyes or having them open, remember these are magick yoga cards so they know what you need at any time.

Then place your water bottle on the card, say the word with “I am” in front of it. For instance, “I am Calm!” How does that feel?


If you are doing this for the first time with your children, act out the feeling so they understand the concept a little more: children actually understand this right away.

Why not try a few and see if they taste different? Does ‘happy’ taste different to ‘tall’?


If you don’t have a water bottle handy, remember we are made up of mainly water so you can stand on your card and charge your energy up that way instead!

Other ways to bring it into your life

There are lots of ways you can bring these affirmations into your child’s life.

  • Most whole foods are made up of water, like carrots, celery, bananas… Why not charge up their food, or put it in their lunch box to take to school.
  • You can also put the card in their pocket if they are facing a tough challenge that day, maybe taking a test or worried about something.
  • Have fun with it!


This is again bringing the idea to your child that they are in control of their energy and emotions. They have the power to create their own energy just by saying so. We also touch on the subject of bullying and the impact words can have. Helping children to understand this we are less likely to see them using less positive words with one another. And as adults we become more aware of the words we are saying out loud to each other and to ourselves.


Created by Dr Kate Bartram Brown for Mini Me Yoga


info@minimeyoga for more details


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