Living Life Alive

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Dear Community,

As we Live Life Alive, Dr Ann Donnely shares an article on our theme for this week.
To experience life fully is a gift we each give to ourselves. 
No one else is responsible for your life force. Only you. 
Sometimes we don’t know exactly how to engage this illusive life force. 
Perhaps my personal story can shed a little light. 


What better way to revitalise your energy system than Chi-Do , this evening at 




Living Life Alive….

When I was 10 years old I went to the cinema for the first time to see STAR WARS! 
I sat with my two chattering brothers who 
were much younger than I. My mum fell asleep in the adjoining seat, bless her. 
I, on the other hand, sat glued to the concept of the Gedi, their lightsabers, the constant battle between good & evil. 
I grew up in a world where there were always factions & fighting. 
Cowboys & Indians, Captain Kirk & intergalactic crusades & of course the 1970’s in Ireland were riddled with guns, bombs & horror stories of cruelty of people towards each other.

I was incredibly sensitive to all around me & I could pick up cruelty in a single word from one person to another. I was sensitive even to the unspoken negative feelings or vibes that people had towards each other. The dominant feeling in Ireland in those days was suspicion. Everyone assumed a stranger could potentially be someone who would hurt or even kill you or those you loved. That feeling is one of my lasting memories & it has been one of my greatest motivations to create a different reality.

We underestimate our power. That power lies in our right to choose. We can choose to either be a victim of our environment or we can choose to outgrow it & maybe even shape a new reality. 

According to Viktor Frankl ‘Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.’
I learned quickly the things that opened people up, what made them smile & what brought life back even in the harshest of times.


Don’t underestimate this fine medicine. Invented a rather long time ago this elixir helps you relax, spreads joy throughout the physical body & better still, its affects are contagious! Keep a ‘feel good’ movie collection & exercise those laughter muscles regularly! 


Learn to sit up straight!
Imagine a golden thread attaching the crown of your head to the ceiling. Engage the muscles on either side of the spine to elevate your body. Keep your chin parallel to the floor so you don’t strain the muscles at the back of the neck. Notice the freedom in the expansion of the abdominal chamber between your rib cage & your pelvis. This allows the energy to flow better in your meridians. If someone were to strum those meridians with their fingers they would sound like a finely tuned harp! 

Meanwhile your breath is able to move deep into the lungs as the abdomen is free to expand & contract. Keep the life force moving in the body! Engage the core & instil breath awareness! 


The best movements to keep life force flowing are Qi Gong, Chi Do, Tia Chi. But exercise, including yoga & dance will help. Your body was designed to move, so even the smallest movement counts. The stronger you get, challenge it more. 
Develop a friendship with your body. Feed it life filled food. Choose wisely what you consume in terms of your thoughts, sights, sounds, smells, tastes & feelings. 
Notice what happens to your energy when you engage with certain things. Let this be your compass or if needed choose to redirect the terms of engagement to the highest vibration. 


This is where care & attention to what is going on around us is important. 
It could be the simplest of things, eg if you notice someone drop their belongings & you take the time to care enough to stop & assist in the reestablishment of order with a loving heart expecting nothing in return it adds a sweetness to the entire universe & life springs from kindness like a blossoming flower!


Looking in the mirror when preening yourself say ‘I love you’. Do this multiple times. If it is challenging please use a lipstick sized mirror and say it to your eyes. Look into your eyes & repeat over & over daily. This is a key to unlocking beauty inside you. It allows love & beauty to flow to the outside world! Give it a try! The proof is in the pudding! 


In Healers Academy we learn the Rules for Magicians. Magick is where we turn nothing into something or something into something else. In the Mystery School we undertake to constantly evolve through activations, meditations, & the path of the initiate. 
The Lineage of King Salomon provides a Royal Path to our Kingdom, our Queendom. With the diligent application of transformation & transmutation using the tools we are handed down we alchemically evolve every moment of every day. We get to understand & know ourselves in ways we never thought possible. We become the superhero in our story & we never stop as there is always more to learn!

In conclusion, my hope is that you will never stop engaging with life, and that you will find the spark inside you that gives you meaning & purpose, & which fuels the actions you take. May you recognise the stirring inside & have the courage to act on it & never give up. Be gentle with yourself when you need to be, & pick up the sword when necessary. You are divine, you are a co-creator of our world. We need you LIVING YOUR LIFE ALIVE!!!❤️

Dr Ann ❤️


About Dr Ann Donnelly

International Teacher with the Modern Mystery School

Apprentice Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Teacher

Life Activation Practitioner, Healer & Guide with the Modern Mystery School

Currently a serving member of the Goddess Counsel of 12 in the Lineage of King Salomon

Wiccan & Egyptian Priestess in the Lineage of King Salomon

Yoga Teacher

Ensofic Ray Practitioner & Fundamental Ensofic Reiki Teacher

Studied with the British Medical Acupuncture Society &
London Homeopathic Hospital

NLP practitioner and Emotional Freedom Therapy Advocate

Facilitator for Advanced Communication using the Professor Suzie Wilkinson method

Dr Ann has also been instrumental in helping develop a Foundation Degree in her local North West Regional College in Holistic and Integrative Therapies in the Faculty of Science

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